Chronic Care

Meet Courtney and Dawn, vital parts of our newest initiative - Chronic Care Management!


Courtney Slade, LPN

For adults with Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans, it is recommended to see Courtney once a year (typically this is scheduled with your yearly physical) for an Annual Wellness Visit.

An Annual Wellness Visit, or an AWV, is meant to get a comprehensive picture of a patient’s health risks, goals, and barriers. This allows for your care team (your provider, nurse, and all of us here at Dayspring) to make a plan for each individual patient’s wellness and preventative care.

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Dawn Pettus, PharmD, BCACP

Dawn is a clinical pharmacist currently meeting with a few patients to discuss their medication regimen in-depth. This includes looking at if a patient is taking the right medications, at the right times, and in the right combinations, among other concerns.

This is a service covered by Medicare that we are beginning to introduce to our office here at Dayspring. Currently Dawn is test-driving this program- but eventually, this will be available for all eligible patients.